The reliability that comes from over 35 years of business

Are you planning to make substantial renovations to your home and perhaps add an elegant stone barbecue to your garden, or build a fireplace to warm yourselves on cold winter evenings?

When we make such important investments in our homes, it is worth relying on a competent and efficient firm that can provide us with what we need, without wasting time or having to constantly revise our budget.

Palermitana Forni, thanks to over 35 years of experience and constant focus on customer satisfaction, has established itself as a true point of reference in the light and heavy metalwork sector.

Not only barbecues and fireplaces

We undertake a range activities. We have also been operating in the catering sector for many years and produce several types of ovens for the most varied needs. Just a few examples:

  • wood-fired ovens, professional wood-fired ovens, fixed structure ovens, outdoor ovens;
  • ovens for cooking meat, eco-friendly ovens, industrial ovens, ovens for household use
  • supplies for pizzerias, aluminium and steel sheet baking trays.

Visit us or call us on: +39 091 6715758 - +39 347 3328508 for more detailed information about our activities. Our staff will be happy to answer all your questions.

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