Outdoor ovens

The manufacture of hand-built outdoor and industrial ovens for pizzerias and restaurants is the speciality of Palermitana Forni, a company that has been operating successfully in the sector for about 30 years.

Low thermal conductivity and resistance to very high temperatures are the main features of the company's products, which are designed to rapidly concentrate heat and maintain a constant temperature, while avoiding temperature drops.

The construction of the cook top is the most delicate production phase and is performed with skill and precision by our technical team.

An oven for all

For home gardens, the company offers impeccable, easy-to-clean ovens for cooking all kinds of food simply and effectively. The Palermo-based company provides ovens for great household chefs as well as for true professionals. To cook dishes with an excellent flavour, contact Palermitana Forni and you will have succulent results.

Offer: garden grill with one spit for chicken and one for pork, a potato oven and barbecue grill € 1,700.00 - Customised sizes on request

Technical specifications

Wood-fired induction oven

Flowered stainless steel outer cladding

Stainless steel internal chamber (for cooking food) with fire brick floor

Combustion chamber with grill and fire bricks

Width 90 cm

Depth 100 cm

Height 190 cm

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