Construction of ovens for pizzerias

Siete alla ricerca di un’azienda che sia specializzata nella costruzione di forni per pizzerie, ma non sapete a chi rivolgervi per ottenere un prodotto professionale in linea coi più alti standard di settore? Palermitana Forni, con sede a Palermo, saprà certamente stupirvi per la qualità altissima delle proprie produzioni.

Quality products for your business

Starting a business is normally a complex task involving considerable expenditure in terms of time, effort and money. The risk of investing large amounts without obtaining a quality product is high, especially if the success of the new business depends on it.

If you plan to open a pizzeria and want to avoid the risk of buying a poor quality oven that needs frequent maintenance, then speak to our competent and reliable firm. Palermitana Forni, thanks to over 35 years of business and constant attention to technological developments in the sector, has become a true benchmark in the catering market.

Ovens of all types and for all needs

We can provide you with a range of attractive offers. Just a few examples:

  • professional ovens for food products, fixed structure ovens, tunnel ovens, outdoor ovens, ovens for cooking meat, brick ovens, eco-friendly ovens;
  • industrial ovens, ovens for roasting chickens, ovens for home use, supplies for pizzerias;
  • eco-friendly wood, aluminium and steel sheet baking trays.

Visit us or contact us on: +39 091 6715758 - +39 347 3328508 for more detailed information on our products.

Technical specifications

Internal diameter from 100 cm to 180 cm

(even larger on request)

External dimensions:

Width from 1.45 m to 2.25 m

Depth from 1.68 m to 2.48 m


Gas or wood-fired

Painted steel base

Flowered stainless steel cladding

Extruded ceramic and expanded clay external insulation

Painted steel pedestal (optional flowered stainless steel pedestal with front doors for wood compartment)

Prices from € 4,200 to € 9,0000 + VAT

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