Experience, skills developed through years of work by our construction team and constant attention to the latest technologies are the strengths of Palermitana Forni's products.

The skilful craftsmanship that goes into our ovens for the food industry makes us one of the most renowned in the sector. The industrial, wood-fired, tunnel and brick ovens, professionally built to ensure the utmost efficiency for restaurants and pizzerias, represent state-of-the-art design and quality.

Our production phases are truly reliable, from the choice of construction materials that endure high temperatures to the strict application of EU standards to ensure maximum safety while cooking. All the items produced are licensed for sale in the United States.

The Palermitana Forni product range includes:

  • ovens for pizzerias
  • ovens for roasting chickens;
  • outdoor ovens and barbecues;
  • gas ovens;
  • flue pipes

We rent out pizza ovens for events, private parties, catering and receptions

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